Stageline and Apex Portable Stages for Events and Concerts

Mountainside Production Services, Inc. provides all sorts of staging depending on your event.

For smaller or indoor setups we offer modular staging in 4’x8′ or 4’x4′ decks.  These have the abililty to be configured for any shape or purpose.  These are available in 1′, 2′, 3′ or 4′ heights.

For medium sized events we offer a 24′ x 20′ Fold out trailer stage allowing for quick setup and budget-friendly applications.  This stage also allows for a 20’x20′ tent roof.

We also carry both leading brands of hydraulic mobile stage solutions.  Our Apex 3224 and our Stageline SL-250 provide for load-bearing capabilities and weather-resistant sidewall configurations.  Mobile hydraulic stages allow for quick setup, multiple rigging points and known for the safety thoughout the industry.

Stageline SL-250 Mobile Hydraulic Stage

Apex 3224 Mobile Hydraulic Stage

Apex 3224 Mobile Hydraulic Stage

20’x24′ Trailer Stage with 20’x20′ Tent Roof

20x24 Pull Out Trailer Stage with 20x20 Tent Roof