Professional Lighting Systems – Mountainside is the Right Choice for Sales and Installation

Have Mountainside Production Services, Inc. design and install theatrical and concert lighting for any situation.  We have years of experience designing and installing multi-channel dimmer systems for use in theaters, concert venues and architectural lighting situations.  With vast knowledge of power requirements, LED & conventional  lights as well as moving light systems we can custom tailor a solution for you.  Contact us for free preliminary consulting or a quote.

7 Thing to Consider for Your Stage Lighting Install

  1. Safety should always be a concern when rigging any equipment above an audiences head.  Is your installer trained and certified to keep everyone safe?
  2. Do you have the necessary power available or will this project require new services or an electrical contractor?
  3. What is the size of the area you hope to cover (square footage)?  With how much light intensity (lumens/lux)?
  4. Who will be operating your lighting system?  Will they require training?  Who will provide maintenance and repairs as needed?
  5. Should the system be programmed for easy turn on/off?
  6. What should your budget be or look like?
  7. Is there an advantage to new technology for power considerations and mixed uses?